School of Business

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Accounting: Lawrence Singleton, associate dean for undergraduate programs and associate professor of accountancy,, (202) 994-4987—financial and managerial accounting.

Advertising: Lynda Maddox, professor of marketing and advertising,, ( (202) 994-8204—advertising; consumer behavior; communications; focus group research; integrated marketing communications; Web advertising.

Branding: Salah Hassan, professor of strategic brand management,, (202) 994-8702—global branding; international market segmentation; market entry strategies; strategic brand management; corporate branding; brand audit; customer satisfaction.

Business Education: Murat Tarimcilar, associate dean for graduate programs and professor of decision sciences,, (202) 994-7289 — graduate business education; online education; executive education.

Business Education: Chandru Rajam, visiting associate professor of international business,, (202) 994-7391—distance education; online education; executive education; use of technology in education.

Business & Public Policy: Doug Guthrie, Dean,, (202) 994-6380.

Careers: Gil Yancey, Executive Director of the F. David Fowler Career Center,, (202) 994-4687—leadership; human resource management; and organizational behavior.

China: Doug Guthrie, Dean,, 202-994-6380—economic reform in China; culture; U.S.-China relations; social networks in China.

Corporate Governance/Corporate Social Responsibility: Doug Guthrie, Dean,, 202-994-6380.

Corporate Social Responsibility: John J. Forrer, associate director of the Institute for Corporate Responsibility;, (202) 994-5248 — role of business in peace; corporate social responsibility; global policy on water.

Emerging Market Economies: Ismail Dalla, visiting lecturer of international finance and business,, (202) 994-9489 — Capital markets; emerging market economies; Asian capital markets; local currency bond markets; political economies of East and South Asian countries.

Energy and Oil: Robert J. Weiner, professor of international business,, (202) 994-5981—international strategy; petroleum industry; privatization; and international finance.

Entrepreneurs and Small Business: George Solomon, associate professor of management,, (202) 994-3760—entrepreneurship; small business management; public policy and entrepreneurship.

Environment: Mark Starik, department chair, professor of strategic management and public policy, Director of the Institute for Corporate Responsibility, and Director of the Environmental Sustainability Program,, (202) 994-5261—strategic environmental management; international environmental policy; environmental sustainable development; and business and climate change.

Ethics: Tim Fort, The Lindner-Gambal Professor of Business Ethics and Executive Director of the Institute for Corporate Responsibility,, (202) 994-7872—peace through commerce; ethics and corporate governance; organizational structures and ethics; the role of religion in business ethics and globalization and business ethics.

Finance: Theodore Barnhill, professor of finance,, (202) 994-6053—Market and credit risk; modeling bank risk levels.

Financial Literacy: Annamaria Lusardi, professor of accounting and economics and the Denit Trust Professorial Fellow,, 202-994-8410 —financial literacy and saving.

Global Financial Markets: Scheherazade Rehman, Director, European Union Research Center, professor of international finance/business,, (202) 994-6813 — global financial markets; Central banks; global financial crisis management and financial sector development; European Union; Central and Eastern Europe; exchange rate regimes; Greek financial crisis.

Health Information Technology: Edward J. Cherian, professor of information systems,, (202) 994-8969 — training health IT workers; information systems; software engineering; electronic business.

International Business: Liesl Riddle, associate professor of international business and international affairs,, (202) 994-1217—migrant/diasporas; international trade and investment; remittances; investment in post-conflict/conflict zones; international business in the Middle East and North Africa; and international trade and investment promotion.

International Business: Reid W. Click, department chair and associate professor of international business and international affairs,, (202) 994-0656 —international business finance; international business strategy; macroeconomics; international corporate finance; and international investments; creation of a common currency in Southeast Asia.

International Economic Policy: Danny M. Leipziger, professor of international business,, (202) 994-8202 — Development economics; international economic policy, macro and economic growth; fiscal policy and the middle class; the World Bank; G20; the IMF; economic development in South Korea.

International Marketing: Pradeep A. Rau, senior associate dean professor of marketing and international business professor of marketing,, (202) 994-6380 — International marketing strategy; retail analytics.

International Trade: Susan Ariel Aaronson, associate research professor of international affairs,, (202) 994-7974 — International trade, business and human rights, business in conflict zones, economic growth and human rights, global corporate social responsibility; China, the rule of law and the WTO.

Innovation: Anupama Phene, associate professor of international business,, (202) 994-6764 — Firm Innovation; high-technology industries; innovation among immigrants.

Leadership: James Bailey, Tucker Professorial Fellow of Leadership, department chair and professor of management,, (202) 994-1669—leadership; emotional intelligence; competence motivation; organizational change; executive development; and social theory.

Management Issues: D. Christopher Kayes, assistant professor of management science, (202) 994-4795,—Management learning and change; organizational development; analysis of the 1996 Mt. Everest climbing disaster as an example of the unintended consequences of goal setting.

Marketing: Vanessa Perry, associate professor of marketing,, (202) 994-4190 — marketing and public policy; consumer financial decisions; mortgage and housing markets; and consumer credit.

Multinational Business Management: Doug Guthrie, Dean,, (202) 994-6380.

Real Estate/Housing Crisis: Robert Van Order, professor of finance and Oliver T. Carr Professor of Real Estate,, (202) 994-3427, Financial markets; housing finance, housing policy; real estate economics.

Securities: Mark Klock, professor of finance,, (202) 994-8342, securities regulation law; economic analysis of law applied to financial markets.

Sports Management: Lisa Delpy Neirotti, associate professor of sport management,, (202) 994-6623—sport and event management and marketing; sponsorship; sport tourism; economic impact of events and tourism; greening of sport; the World Cup and the Olympics.

Sustainable Travel: Donald E. Hawkins, Eisenhower Professor of Tourism Policy,, (202) 994-7087—tourism planning and policy analysis; sustainable tourism; ecotourism; environmental management systems; community development; strategic planning; and workforce development.

Volunteer Tourism: Kristin Lamoureux, Director, International Institute of Tourism Studies,, 202-994-8197 — ecotourism, adventure or volunteer tourism; international development through sustainable tourism.

Technology: Richard Donnelly, department chair and professor of information systems and technology management,, (202) 994-7155—strategic and R&D management; technology entrepreneurship; technology commercialization; information systems; technology management; and management of technical projects.

Travel/Hospitality: Larry Yu, professor of tourism studies and hospitality management,, (202) 994-8740—tourism in Asia; and international hotel development and management.

Women in Business: Kathy Korman Frey, GWSB Entrepreneur in Residence,, 202-237-8000—Female entrepreneurship; work-life balance; Founder of Hot Mommas Project, a GWSB initiative showcasing women who are outstanding role models.

For further information on our business experts go to: or contact Caroline Broder,, (202)994-0884.