Thursday, March 30, 2017

Denit Trust Series: The Role of Directors in Reputation Risk

  • Time: 05:00 pm - 06:30 pm
  • Location: Burns Law Library, Faculty Conference Center, 5th Floor • 716 20th St. • Washington, DC 20052

The Institute for Corporate Responsibility (ICR) and the Center for Law, Economics, and Finance (C-LEAF) are pleased to announce the next program in their ongoing series on Challenges in Corporate Governance.

The program will focus on the role of Corporate Directors in dealing with reputation risk. Damage to the company’s reputation can have a negative impact on revenues, profits, growth, employee morale, share price, and even its viability. Reputation risk has always been a concern of companies. With the advent of social media, news — good or bad — travels more quickly and more broadly (and sometimes more inaccurately) than in the past. As a result, the role of corporate boards in overseeing the risk the risk to their companies has required more timely focus on risks to the company’s reputation. The challenge for Directors in this regard is to understand possible internal and external sources of reputation risk, what is being done to prevent such risks, how the company is perceived by its stakeholders, and what plans are in place to deal with reputation damage if it occurs.

The panel will include corporate directors and an advisor to them. Topics to be addressed include how the board is structured to oversee reputation risk, the type of information that it reviews, how it prepares for the possibility of a damaging event, its role in reacting to the damaging event, and its role in mitigating the damage to its reputation. The program should be of interest to students of business as well as corporate and securities laws.

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Hon. Cynthia A. Glassman
Senior Research Scholar, ICR
Board Member of Discover Financial Services and Navigant Consulting
Former Commissioner, Securities and Exchange Commission


Charles Bakaly
Senior Counselor, National Litigation and DC Crisis Communications Practice

Hon. William Barr
General Counsel and Executive Vice President (retired)
Verizon Comminications
Former US Attorney General

Hon. Kathleen Cooper
Former Under Secretary of Commerce for Economic Affairs
Nonexecutive Board Chair, Williams Companies
Director, Deutsche Bank Trust Company of the Americas.

Cynthia Hostetler
Board Member
Vulcan Materials Co., Aberdeen Investment Funds, and Trilinc Global Impact Fund