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European Union Research Center Research Seed Grants

Who Is Eligible: All GWU faculty and qualified researchers from other D.C. academic institutions, the private sector, and international and multinational organizations are eligible. Applicants are encouraged to submit collaborative and/or multidisciplinary proposals.

Eligible Research Topics: Theory-and policy-oriented research with an emphasis on the European Union, its member states, US-EU transatlantic relations and other contemporary EU-related issues. The ACES multidisciplinary focus encourages analysis and policy dialogue of these topics in a variety of fields, including political science, economics, business, finance, law, science and technology, public health and others. Samples of topics could include but are not limited to:

  • Economic and Monetary Union and the Euro
  • Enlargement
  • Integration and Harmonization
  • Foreign and Security Policy
  • US-EU Relations
  • Trade and Investment
  • Healthcare
  • Labor laws
  • Social Issues
  • Constitutional Issues
  • Human Rights Law

Funding: Awards will be given to the author(s) of each research seed grant proposal selected. Proposals maybe no longer than 2 pages. The number of awards will depend on the availability of funding in any given year. For AY2009-10, an award of up to U.S. dollars $1,500 will be given for the selected research seed grant proposal (awards range from $1,000-$1,500).

Proposal Requirements:

  1. All proposals MUST be electronically submitted by May 30, 2010.
  2. Cover page with title, contact information, affiliation of author(s), and date of submission.
  3. A 2-page Proposal containing the research idea/objective and summary of methodology

(The body of the text should not include author(s)’ name or affiliation)

Author(s) C.V. (resume).

Research Seed Grants Review And Selection Procedures:

  • This is the third of the three submission deadlines for AY2009-10. The deadline is as follows: May 30, 2010. Please note that the number of awards for any given award period will depend on the availability of funding for any given year and the number awards granted as the year progresses.
  • Please submit proposals to The George Washington University EU Research Center Director Professor Scheherazade Rehman at PLEASE PUT IN THE SUBJECT HEADING OF THE E-MAIL “EURC- ACES 2009-10 GRANT”.
  • Notification of this round of award selections will be approximately within 3 weeks of submission deadline of May 30, 2010.
  • All qualified Research Seed Grant Proposals will be evaluated through a “blind review” process. The proposals will be reviewed jointly by a EURC-ACES Proposal Review and Selection Committee. The author(s) of the selected Research Seed Grant Proposals will receive a letter stating the terms and conditions of the award.

Grant Deliverables Deadline:

Successful candidates are to submit all required grant deliverables (final professional academic papers) by August 1st 2010.

Dissemination: The submitted final research papers and working papers will be made available to GWU, ACES and its participating University communities and the general public through the Internet and/or in the form of printed copies under the name of GWU, ACES and its participating universities. Authors are encouraged and may submit their research to other publications.