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A PRMIA Complete Course in Risk Management

This intensive program, led by the faculty of one of the world's top business schools, provides delegates with a broad and solid foundation of knowledge that will prepare them to effectively practice financial risk management.

Beginning with the essential elements of finance, risk measurement, markets and financial instruments, students are then introduced to the best practices of market, credit and opera- tional risk management. The final sessions focus on integrating the knowledge gained into a capital allocation framework and study of governance best practices and some famous case studies of where things went wrong.

Registering delegates can choose the complete course or individual course groups that fit their demands. Delegates who take the complete course will be awarded a certificate of completion from The George Washington University School of Business and PRMIA.


  • The essential foundations of risk measurement
  • Portfolio analytics and portfolio theory
  • Term structure of interest rates
  • How to price a bond
  • Pricing futures, forwards, options and swaps
  • Essentials of credit derivatives
  • Overview of OTC and exchange-traded markets
  • Risk measures in fixed income and portfolios
  • Value at risk techniques – analytic, historical and Monte Carlo
  • Stress testing and backtesting techniques
  • Credit analysis, credit scoring and internal models
  • An overview of popular public credit risk models
  • Current best practices in operational risk
  • Capital allocation – regulatory and economic
  • Introduction to RAROC and RAPM
  • Current governance best practices
  • What went wrong in famous case studies and how to avoid repeating it

The complete course consists of the following modules:

  • Foundations of Risk Finance Theory and Analytical Foundations of Risk Management
  • Financial Markets and Instruments
  • Market Risk Management and Capital Allocation
  • Credit Risk Management
  • Operational Risk Management and Governance and Case Studies


This program is designed to develop the knowledge and understanding of risk management practices for those advancing their careers in financial risk management. The foundations apply across all sectors: banking, insurance, asset management, hedge funds, energy, securities, regulation/supervision and more.

  • Chief risk officers and heads of risk management can use this program to develop the talents of their key staff members.
  • Market, credit or operational risk specialists can use this program to expand their knowledge of other approaches to understanding risk.
  • Regulators, auditors and supervisors can use this program to increase their expertise in validation of advance risk management infrastructures.
  • IT personnel can use this program to improve the effectiveness of their work in building the risk management architecture of their organizations.
  • Financial engineers can use this program to enhance the application of their technical skills to the broader organization.


  • MODULE 1 - March 13-15, 2013
    Developing Authentic Leadership Skills

To register for the program, please click here.