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Class Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of courses at the last moment often creates student dissatisfaction as well as sub-optimal resource utilization. With a view to minimizing such situations, the following class cancellation policy is in effect.

1. Three clear weeks before the start of classes as published in the University catalog, classes with enrollments of five or less will be cancelled. This will not apply to Ph.D. courses.

2. Three weeks before the start of classes, each department chairperson will be provided by the Director of Enrollment and Data Management with a list of classes with enrollments less than 15 for cancellation consideration.

3. One week before the start of classes, classes with enrollments of ten or fewer will be cancelled.

4. The department chairpersons should review the situation about these classes with less than 15 students (i.e., 11-14) and in case they would like to retain any of these classes for any valid reason whatsoever, they should make a compelling case with the Dean’s Office. The remaining classes with low enrollment will be cancelled by the department chairperson at least 72 hours before the start of classes via the GWSB Director of Enrollment and Data Management and such information will be provided to the Dean’s Office. The department chairperson should also ensure that all students enrolled in these cancelled classes are informed of the cancellation at least 72 hours prior to the start of classes.

5. This policy does not apply to summer and Ph.D. courses.