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Murat Tarimcilar

Research (Refereed Journal Articles)

“ Modeling and Analysis of Call Center Arrival Data: A Bayesian Approach,”, Management Science, 2008, Vol. 54, pp. 266-278, (with R. Soyer) PDF

“ Corporate Downsizing and CEO Compensation,”, Advances in Financial Economics, 2007, Vol. 12, pp 119-136, (with G. Vasudevan and A. Prezas) PDF

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Papers under Review

“ Modeling Latent Sources in Call Center Arrival Data,” (with J. Landon, F. Ruggeri, and R. Soyer, 2008, European Journal of Operational Research, revised and resubmitted.PDF

“ International Risk Assessment: A Structured Approach,” (with Shahriar Khaksari) submitted to Journal of International Business Studies.PDF