Undergraduate Advisors

In response to our students’ feedback and needs, the Advising Center now operates under a team advising model, where students can schedule appointments with a professional advisor of their choice. Under this model, students can choose to either pick a time that best fits their schedule or they can make an appointment with a specific advisor. Students who have established a rapport with a specific advisor are encouraged to continue working with them; whereas, students who are unsure who they want to meet with can simply select any advisor.

Unsure who to e-mail? For general questions, declaring concentrations, and submitting forms, you can e-mail gwsbadv@gwu.edu and an advisor will reply as soon as possible.

Mrs. Nicole Anderson

Profile Photo of Heather Bremenstuh

Ms. Heather Bremenstuhl

Helen Iasnik

Ms. Helen Iasnik

Kasha Klinegores

Ms. Kasha Klinegores

Lillian Rosen

Ms. Lillian Rosen

Ms. Dayna Wade

Thomas Wood

Mr. Thomas Wood