GWSB students share their experiences from around the world

Mueller HutKia Ora! Greetings from New Zealand! I have been in the land where there are more sheep than people for just a little over two months; however, it feels like I have been here forever. The culture, the lifestyle, the people, and of course, the scenery are all so spectacular. The unique city I currently call home, Dunedin, has a population of 400,000 and is situated on the coast of the South island of NZ, famous for its great beaches – and penguins!  Since NZ is located in the Southern Hemisphere, I was able to leave behind the DC winter to catch the end of the New Zealand summer and this has been such a treat! READ MORE

sakura and crowd東京で乗り換えるの

While most other students’ semesters are tapering to a close, my spring semester is just beginning to trickle. The academic calendar is merely one of many aspects of life that is different here in Japan. Though I’ve been in Tokyo for roughly two weeks, my classes, which begin on April 13th, have yet to start. This interim period has been sprinkled with various exchange student orientation atop generous portions of exploration. When I arrived in Tokyo and subsequently moved in with my warm and hilarious host family, the first thing I noticed about this city was efficiency. READ MORE

10985300_10205906098714662_8197702297234145585_nChange of Scenery, Change of Pace

As the spring semester draws nearer to a close, it is hard to believe how quick these first 3 months have flown by. During my time in Paris I have gotten great practice in slowing down my usual pace and taking a minute to appreciate the little things. In DC, and in the states in general, it is easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of your tireless surroundings. In GWSB particularly, there is a mindset heavily focused on involvement on campus and focus towards one’s future career. Students are always trying to add another extra curricular or internship to their already jam packed schedule. READ MORE




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