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F15 Week 12.1A Global Perspective

When you go abroad, it is assumed and expected that you fall out of touch with the daily trends and interactions that you experience. For example, the familiar smiling faces on your walk to Gelbucks or the student who heavily sighs at comments about race in the back of the class can seem so trivial and routine. As I bring my semester to a close, I reflect on how out of touch and removed I’ve become to the things that have and continue to attribute to my student experience. But for one thing in particular, I have yet to lose touch: my blackness. Being in Australia has amalgamated my identities as a student, activist, black man, and so much more.

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F15 Week 11.1Mind The Gap? Expectations and Life in London

When I decided to study abroad at LSE, I made my decision primary because it was a yearlong program and it was the world-renowned London School of Economics. In all honesty, my decision had little to do with LSE’s location London. I assumed I would like London, but I was more focused on the opportunity to really assimilate myself in a different university and participate in such a prestigious program. Two months in and I am very happy with my choice. Not only do I almost have the ropes down at LSE and am enjoying the benefits of being at one of the best schools for economics in the world, but I also have (very cliché-ly) fallen in love with London.

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F15 Week 10.1

Learning Through Cinema and Venturing to Southern Italy

It’s hard to believe that I have less than a month left of my semester abroad. My friends and I have done and seen so much that it seems we’ve had years’ worth of experiences in the blink of an eye. When I made it official that I was studying abroad as a senior, I was relieved that I had found the classes I needed to stay on track for graduation. However, my courses have exceeded my expectations and have really contributed to my overall experience.


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