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S16 Smith 4Studying Capitalism in a Socialist Country

When I came into my junior year at GWSB, I would have laughed if you told me I’d be in Amsterdam 5 months later. I didn’t want to go abroad, I thought it would inhibit my possibilities for future success later in my college career. Well, I couldn’t have been more wrong. I applied to the University of Amsterdam’s Faculty of Economics and Business back in October 2015 just to see if I could get in. Fast forward four months and I couldn’t have been happier with my decision!

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Sp 16 Reiss 4

Grüß Gott aus Wien! Austria as the Unexpected Heart of Central Europe

Finishing up my third week in Vienna and can’t believe I’ve been here this long already! I’ve been participating in an orientation program the past three weeks including an intensive German course for three hours a day, four days a week in the morning and tours of Vienna and surrounding cities such as Linz and Graz in the afternoons and Fridays.

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F15 Week 12.1A Global Perspective

When you go abroad, it is assumed and expected that you fall out of touch with the daily trends and interactions that you experience. For example, the familiar smiling faces on your walk to Gelbucks or the student who heavily sighs at comments about race in the back of the class can seem so trivial and routine. As I bring my semester to a close, I reflect on how out of touch and removed I’ve become to the things that have and continue to attribute to my student experience. But for one thing in particular, I have yet to lose touch: my blackness. Being in Australia has amalgamated my identities as a student, activist, black man, and so much more.

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