Undergraduate Advisors

General schedule & curriculum questions should be directed to the GWSB advisor per the listed alpha split. Questions about Study Abroad, External Transfers, Individualized Fields, and 5-year Program should be directed to the advisor(s) who oversees those specialty areas.

SM UG                           Battista_Caroline_Headshot_Profile_2
Sarah Meadows                               Caroline Battista

General advising: last names A – C                 General advising: last names D – G
Five-Year Program students                             External Transfers: last names A – La
Academic Success                                            cbattista@gwu.edu

NAM                           Christian III_Wilmon_Headshot_Profile_2
Natalie McLemore                            Wilmon A. Christian III

General advising: last names H – La                General advising: last names Le – O
Study Abroad: last names A – La                      Individualized Field students
nmclemore@gwu.edu                                        Academic Success
this is no text                                                      wac3@gwu.edu

HI UG                           RH UG
Helen Iasnik                                      Rick Hess

General advising: last names P – St                General advising: last names Su – W
Study Abroad: last names Le – Z                     External Transfers: last names Le – Z
hiasnik@gwu.edu                                              rmhess@gwu.edu

(open position)

Students with last names X – Z
can meet with any advisor until
this position is filled.