Undergraduate Advisors

GWSB students are assigned to academic advisors based on the student’s last name. Questions about academic scheduling, curriculum, external transfer credits, and 5-year programs should be directed to the student’s respective academic advisor.

During the first four weeks of the Fall 2015 semester, students may meet with any available academic advisor either through express advising or by appointment.

Sarah Meadows                       LJ Moore
Sarah Meadows                             L.J. Moore Jr.

Last names: A – Ch                                        Last names Ci – G can meet
sameadows@gwu.edu                                   with any advisor until this advisor  is seeing
fggfhgfhgfhfgh                                                students.

Natalie McLemore                       Lillian Rosen
Natalie McLemore                         Lillian Rosen

Last names: H – J                                          Last names K – Md can meet
nmclemore@gwu.edu                                   with any advisor until this advisor  is seeing
Study Abroad last names: A-La                    students.

Kasha Klinegores                       Helen Iasnik
Kasha Klinegores                           Helen Iasnik

Last names Me – R                                         Last names: S – Sp
can meet with any advisor                             hiasnik@gwu.edu
until this advisor  is seeing students.            Study Abroad last names: Le-Z

Thomas Wood
Thomas Wood

Last names Sq – Z can meet with
any advisor until advisor  is seeing students..