Undergraduate Advisors

In response to our students’ feedback and needs, the Advising Center now operates under a team advising model, where students can schedule appointments with a professional advisor of their choice. Under this model, students can choose to either pick a time that best fits their schedule or they can make an appointment with a specific advisor. Students who have established a rapport with a specific advisor are encouraged to continue working with them; whereas, students who are unsure who they want to meet with can simply select any advisor.

Unsure who to e-mail? For general questions, declaring concentrations, and submitting forms, you can e-mail gwsbadv@gwu.edu and an advisor will reply as soon as possible.

Profile Photo of Heather Bremenstuh                 Helen Iasnik            
Ms. Heather Bremenstuhl      Ms. Helen Iasnik
hbremenstuhl@gwu.edu         hiasnik@gwu.edu

 Kasha Klinegores                Lillian Rosen
Ms. Kasha Klinegores             Ms. Lillian Rosen
kklinegores@gwu.edu            lmrosen@gwu.edu 

 Thomas Wood        
Mr. Thomas Wood