Undergraduate Advisors

GWSB students are assigned to academic advisors based on the student’s last name. Questions about academic scheduling, curriculum, external transfer credits, and 5-year programs should be directed to the student’s respective academic advisor.

Profile_Placeholder_220x250                      LJ Moore
Coming Soon                               L.J. Moore Jr.

Students with the last name                       Last names Ci – G
A-Ch can meet with any advisor.               ljmoore@gwu.edu
                                                                      Study Abroad last names: Ci-G

Natalie McLemore                       Lillian Rosen
Natalie McLemore                        Lillian Rosen

Last names: H – J                                          Last names K – Md
Study Abroad last names: A-J                      Study Abroad last names: K-Md
Global BBA Program                                     lmrosen@gwu.edu

Kasha Klinegores                       Helen Iasnik
Kasha Klinegores                          Helen Iasnik

Last names Me – R                                        Last names: S – Sp
Study Abroad last names: Me-R                   Study Abroad last names: S-Sp
kklinegores@gwu.edu                                   hiasnik@gwu.edu
until this advisor  is seeing students.

Thomas Wood
Thomas Wood

Last names Sq – Z
Study Abroad last names: Sq-Z