2016-2017 FYDP & TSDC Mentors

Isabel Bellino – FYDP


Amanda Dilena – TSDC


Corey Glassman – FYDP


Amanda Gryga – FYDP


Paige Hall – FYDP


 Eric Kanegaye – FYDP


 Pietro Keuter – BBA 2018 (TSDC)

Pietro is currently a sophomore from McLean, a suburb of DC located right across the Potomac River in Virginia. He is currently working towards a BBA in Finance, while preparing for a minor in International Affairs. He is also a GWSB Student Ambassador for 2015-2016 school year. While not in Foggy Bottom, he enjoys spending time at one of the many nature preserves in and around the DC metropolitan area. He one day hopes to work in investment or private banking, preferably in Western Europe.

 Stephanie Licciardi – FYDP


Sonia Mansukhani – TSDC


Kati Marti – TSDC (Fall Semester Only)


Katherine Moeller – FYDP


Luis Polanco – FYDP


Ryan Robinson – FYDP


Alexander Schwarz – TSDC


Bayley Shanley – FYDP


Antonia Simas Magalhaes – FYDP


Dakota Sinder – FYDP


Jordann Smith-Kingston – FYDP


Sydney Sussman – FYDP


Bryson Tomcik – FYDP


Justin Thompson – FYDP


Carly Whitmer – BBA 2017 (FYDP)

Carly Whitmer is currently a senior from Scotch Plains, located in the great state of New Jersey. She is working towards her BBA with a concentration in International Business and plans to stay at GW an extra year to complete the Masters of Accountancy program. She is minoring in Italian Language and Literature and spent the last summer working as an assistant manager at a 5-star resort – Il Paluffo – in the heart of Tuscany. She is a member of the Varsity swim team, the Italian Culture Club and is a brother of the Alpha Kappa Psi business fraternity on campus. She hopes to one day work internationally in the Accounting field, ideally with Italy. This is her second year being a Mentor in the School of Business.