MBA Colonial Cup Events 2016-17


Alumni  Roundtables

Alumni Roundtables are one of the best ways for current students to network with prominent GW alumni. Roundtables are held at the Elliot’s School’s City View Room, which overlooks the National Mall.  The evening starts with a cocktail reception and continues with in-depth industry-based discussions between an alumni table host and 6-8 students per table.

Cherry Blossom Potluck

Meet your classmates for one of DCs most iconic events.  The potluck combines a volleyball game with a picnic near the Tidal Basin.

Colonial Cup Sports League

Please join us for one, some, or all of our games! Each month, we will meet on the National Mall to play a different sport.  This year’s line-up includes cricket, ice-skating, kickball, rowing, and soccer.  Sports League events always take place on Saturdays.



Holi is the festival of colors and love originating from the Hindu religion.

Jazz Night

Network with your fellow students and enjoy the beautiful views of the National Mall at the City View Room while listening to a local jazz band.

Presidential Bidding Party

It’s a big year for American politics where almost anything can happen! Come join us and place your bets on who will be the next POTUS. Extra points for anyone who correctly picks the 10 most contentious Senate races.

Super Bowl Party

Sit back, relax, and watch the Super Bowl with classmates.