Certificate in Business Analytics

The 21st Century belongs to those who can think and act analytically. In today’s knowledge-based economy, information and decision making are paramount across a wide array of industries and sectors including Marketing, Operations, Finance, International Business, Project Management, Human Resources, Health Care, and Tourism. The Certificate in Business Analytics at the GW School of Business provides a foundation in analytics by combining decision making and hands-on experience with analytical tools such as SAS and R. These tools provide our students with a deep understanding of not only the different forms of analytics, but also the different methods in which they can be applied.

The Certificate in Business Analytics is offered through a partnership between the Department of Decision Sciences, the Institute for Integrating Statistics in Decision Sciences (I2SDS) and the GW School of Business.

Please note that only current GW graduate students and alumni are eligible for the certificate at this time. Undergraduate students may be interested in the Concentration in Business Analytics.

Business Analytics Certificate Requirements
To receive the Certificate in Business Analytics, current GW graduate students must fulfill the three requirements listed below:

      1. Pre-Requisites
        • Students must have completed a graduate level statistics course prior to enrolling in any business analytics courses. Preapproved courses include: MBAD 6224, DNSC 6202 or equivalent courses such as MBAD 6221 and MBAD 6222. Other equivalent courses may be substituted with approval.
        • Students must receive a grade of ‘B’ or higher in statistics to be eligible for the certificate.
      2. Coursework
        Students must obtain a 3.0 cumulative GPA in the nine credit hours of coursework listed below:

        • Introduction to Business Analytics (DNSC 6201, 1.5 credits, Fall Semester)
        • Data Mining (DNSC 6279, 3 credits, Spring Semester)
        • Forecasting for Analytics (DNSC 6209, 1.5 credits, Spring Semester)
        • Optimization Models for Decision Making (DNSC 6251, 1.5 credits, Fall and Spring Semesters*)
          * To register in DNSC 6251 in the Spring Semester, please email mspminfo@gwu.edu.
        • Choose 1.5 credits from the following list of electives:
          • Pricing and Revenue Management (1.5 credits, Spring Semester)
          • Supply Chain Risk Analytics (1.5 credits, Spring Semester)
          • Marketing Metrics (1.5 credits, Spring Semester)
          • Sports Analytics (1.5 credits, Fall Semester)
          • Social Network Analytics (1.5 credits, Spring Semester)
          • Other electives TBD (email analytics@gwu.edu to request approval for electives not listed)
      3. Attendance at BA Seminars
        Students must attend two Business Analytics seminars and submit a one-page summary for each. Please visit Data Community DC for eligible meetups and a calendar of events.

Completing the Program

After you have completed the necessary requirements, you may download the Business Analytics Certificate Application and email the completed form to analytics@gwu.edu. The review process typically takes 4-6 weeks to complete.
For questions, please email analytics@gwu.edu.  To set up an appointment with a Business Analytics adviser, visit www.meetme.so/msba.