Certificate in Business Analytics

A critical component of 21st century business.

The GW School of Business offers a Certificate in Business Analytics option for currently enrolled GW graduate students and certain GW alumni with a demonstrated interest in business analytics. The Certificate is offered by the Department of Decision Sciences in conjuction with the Institute for Integrating Statistics in Decision Sciences (I2SDS), the Business Analytics Academic Committee, and the GW School of Business.

For more details on the certificate, including its learning goals, prerequisites, and certificate requirements, please view our Business Analytics Certificate Requirements Information Sheet.

Completing the Program

If you have fulfilled the program requirements, you may download the Business Analytics Certificate Application and email the completed form to analytics@gwu.edu.

Please note:

  • Applications will not be accepted prior to completion of all requirements.
  • There is no official due date for the Certificate.
  • The review process typically takes 4-6 weeks to complete.

Please see the list of approved seminars below.

Business Analytics Seminars

If you are interested in pursuing the Certificate in Business Analytics or just learning more about new and exciting developments in the analytics world, we encourage you to attend a seminar hosted by the institutions listed below.

DC Data Science and Data Wranglers Meet-Ups

Data Science DC and Data Wranglers DC host monthly meet-ups, most of which are held on-campus here at GW. These events are great ways to learn more about exciting developments in business and data analytics and count towards the seminar requirement of the Business Analytics Certificate.


If you have any questions about the certificate program or are unsure of whether a seminar will count towards the certificate, please email analytics@gwu.edu.