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GWSB Top-Ranked for International Business

MBA Programs would like to congratulate the International Business Department  on its most recent rankings from US News and World Report’s 2015 “Best Colleges” edition, which ranks GWSB’s undergraduate program in international business 10th in the nation, while its 2016 “Best Graduate Schools” edition ranks the MBA program 15th nationwide for international business.

In addition, the Financial Times is even more impressive — FT ranks GWSB number five in the world for international business.

Fall Registration Will Open Monday, March 23, 2015 at 7:00 AM

Registration for Fall 2015 coursework will open on Monday, March 23, 2015 at 7:00 am. To view the most up to date information on available courses, please use the link below:


For further information on registration procedures, please see the link below to the Current Student Website:


For questions on your remaining requirements, please reach out to your Academic Advisor for further information.

New Online Financial Simulation Course – Summer 2015

MBA Programs is pleased to announce that Dr. Arthur Wilson – Associate Professor of Finance – will be teaching a new online course during the Summer 2015 semester. Please see course information below – contact your academic advisor with any questions.

Exploring Finance w/Simulation (CRN: 32807, 3 cr.)
Dates: May 18, 2015 – July 3, 2015 (Summer Session I)

This course is built around the software package called Fingame (Version 5.0). After an initial period of conceptual review, familiarizing oneself with the manual and the software, and with a modest supporting text, in the main part of the course we will set up Fingame so that each student will run a virtual company.

At the start, the companies will be identical. Students will be expected to make decisions, explain their decisions, and also to select a board of two directors from among their classmates to facilitate learning. Each student will have two directors, and be directors for two of their classmate’s firms. You grade will depend on several things (see syllabus), including how well your firm does, how well the two firms whose boards you are on do, and how well you explain your reasoning.

Normally, this is a semester long class. To fit this course into the first Summer session, it will be important that we be ready at the outset, and be prepared to work and remain in frequent, perhaps daily contact during the term. One last point: the manual provides a log-in code, good for one use of up to 6 months, that you will need to participate. Do not buy a used manual, since the code will almost certainly have been used already.

New Online Course for Summer 2015

MBA Programs is pleased to announce that Dr. Shivraj Kanungo – Associate Professor of Decision Sciences, Info Systems and Technology Management – will be teaching a new online course during the Summer 2015 semester.  Please see course information below – contact your academic advisor with any questions.

Social Network Analysis for Managers (CRN: 32793, 3 cr.)
Dates: May 18, 2015 – July 25, 2015 (10 week course)

This course is an introduction to the theory, methods and procedures of network analysis with emphasis on applications to organizations and management. The goal of the course is to provide a working knowledge of the concepts and methods used to describe and analyze networks so that students can conduct studies, carry out analysis, understand the results and implications of network-based approaches.

This course presents the social networks paradigm and explains how to use available tools to gather, analyze, and interpret network data. Managers know that relationships are important. However, because social ties are subjective and intangible, managers often neglect them in favor of hard data (usually financial or operational). Social network analysis (SNA) allows us to change that by making the invisible visible. SNA provides measures, mapping tools, and theories that significantly improve a manager’s ability to conceptualize and manage. Managers also know that groups are ubiquitous in an organization’s social life. Groups are often nested within each other and can also be cross-cutting. Groups can be formal as also informal (as in social cliques). Organizations contain a mixture of formal and informal groups, each with their own dynamics. Some of the areas that SNA has successfully been applied to include organizational culture, groups and subgroups, social capital and organizational communication, creativity and innovation, competitive advantage , career advantage, and organizational change.

At the conclusion of the course you will have the skills to: map out an organization’s social network, diagnose features of the network that help or hinder individual or team performance, and be able to manage important features of social networks in organizations.

Fall 2015 Course Schedule Has Posted

The Fall 2015 course schedule has posted to the Registrar’s website. Please take a moment to review the GWSB course offerings located at:


Selective options and an overview of how to identify elective options for the Fall 2015 semester are listed at:


For more information on concentration requirements and how to declare a concentration please visit:

New course additions will be posted to the MBA Blog.  To subscribe,  students must use their personal email due to university spam concerns.

Important deadlines are posted on our online MBA Academic and Events Calendar at:


Please contact your academic advisor with any questions.

Last Day to Drop Module 4 courses without Penalty is Sunday, March 15th by 10:00 pm

Students who need to drop Module 4 courses for the Spring 2015 semester must do so via RTF no later than 10:00 pm on Sunday, March 15th. All courses dropped after this date will be subject to the GWSB’s refund schedule, which can be found at:


Please contact your academic advisor with any questions.

Deadline Extended to March 15th for England Summer Short-Term Abroad!

This is the last call for applications to Business and the State: Privatization and Public-Private Partnerships. This is the longest-running GWSB short-term program due to its quality and the value it has provided to past participants. The course will cover (1) Management and corporation governance issues after privatization including the impact of privatization and competition on the capital formation, output pricing, and structural change of privatized firms; (2) Effect of privatization on government efficiency, and the effect of the introduction of competition on the public accountability including allocation, distribution, and stabilization; (3) Impact of privatization on consumers in terms of access, reliability, price, quality and distributional equity.Given the UK’s enormous experience with nationalization, privatization, and PPP’s, it is the perfect place to learn about these subjects. The on-campus segment of the course will bring in representatives from such enterprises as Amtrak.

Learn more here. Email sbintl@gwu.edu to open an application.

Online Healthcare Management I & II Offered Summer 2015

Healthcare Management I & II will be offered online during the Summer 2015 semester.  The course is taught by Roulla Nau, Program Hospital Liason at the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control. Students interested in enrolling should submit a Registration Transaction Form to their academic advisor.

Healthcare Management I & II (CRN: 32632/32634, 1.5 cr. each, Session I/Session II)

Application of management theory and concepts to health services organizations and systems. Characteristics, functions, and organizational structures of delivery systems. High level overview of key managerial functions within health service organizations including organizational design, problem solving, and law and ethics.

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