Applying to Graduate

How to Graduate

The GW School of Business awards graduate degrees in January, May, and August.  Students are required to file an electronic Application for Graduation via GWeb by the published deadline to be considered for degree clearance and to graduate.  Students whose grades are not posted or grades are missing from a previous semester will be ineligible for the awarding of the degree until all grades are posted by the appropriate instructor.  Students missing grades must contact the instructor of the course directly to have the grades posted.  Students who require confirmation of their degree requirements prior to the final posting should contact their academic advisor for the options available.

To be eligible for the awarding of the graduate degree a student must:

  • Meet the admission requirements of their graduate program in which they are registered
  • Complete satisfactorily the scholarship, curriculum, residence, and other requirements for the degree as stated in the University Bulletin
  • Be free from all indebtedness to the University
  • Be enrolled in the semester of which the degree is to be conferred
  • Complete all degree requirements by the last day of final examinations for that semester

Students applying for graduation must apply by:

  • Fall graduation: October 1
  • Spring graduation: February 1
    Students graduating in the summer with nine (9) or fewer credit hours remaining may opt to participate in the Commencement Ceremony prior to finishing their remaining requirements.  Students who choose to do this must apply to graduate no later than February 1.
  • Summer graduation: July 1

Late Applications

Students who fail to meet the application deadline must submit a paper Application for Graduation (pdf) to their academic advisor.  In addition, all applications submitted after the posted deadline are subject to a late application fee levied by the University.  Students who wish to appeal the late application fee must do so through Graduation Services.

Changes to Graduation Application

Students who have submitted a graduation application and would like to change their date of graduation (ie from spring to summer) should notify their academic advisor.  Once the change has been made through Graduate Programs, the student will be notified and asked to log into GWeb to apply for the new semester in which they intend to graduate.

Not Cleared for Graduation

Students who do not meet all degree requirements by the end of the academic semester in which they apply to graduate must submit a new electronic Application for Graduation via GWeb for the semester in which they will finish all degree requirements and would like their degree awarded.  Graduation applications do not carry over from one semester to the next.