Transfer of Credit


Students may apply for up to a total of six (6) credit hours of coursework taken outside of the George Washington University to be applied toward elective requirements. If approved, the credits will apply toward their degree requirements and the total number of credits needed to complete the graduate degree will be reduced commensurate with the number of transfer credits approved.

Students who would like to request to apply graduate-level coursework taken at GW prior to their matriculation into their graduate program must complete the Non-Degree Course Request Form pdf.

To request the transfer of credit, students must complete the Transfer Credit Approval Form pdf and submit it to their academic advisor.  The form along with the course syllabus and an official transcript showing the grade earned are required for review.

Transfer Credit Policy for Exchange

Students who enroll in course work at a School of Business exchange partner institution while enrolled in a GWSB degree program may transfer a maximum of 15 credits from the partner institution after participation in an official exchange program. Such credits do not count toward the 6 credit maximum transfer restriction. Exchange partners must have an established Memorandum of Understanding with the School of Business. Course work must be approved as part of the student’s program of study; it must be at the graduate level and must meet the GWSB program’s grade requirements for transfer credit as outlined below.

Grades from partner institutions are not be factored in the student’s GW GPA, but are subject to transfer credit standards within their program. Students are expected to earn the equivalent of a B or higher for courses taken at partner institutions unless otherwise stated by the program. If the grade earned is below a B or its equivalent, or the course content overlaps with prior courses, no credit will be assigned.

Course Criteria

The requested course must meet the following criteria:

  • Business related
  • Graduate-level and credit-bearing
  • Not applied to the completion of requirements for another degree
  • Completed within three years from the date of matriculation
  • Earned a grade of B or better
  • Completed at a regionally accredited college or university

Additional Information

Please note:

  • Grades earned at another institution will not be factored into the GW GPA.
  • Assignment of transfer credit is subject to evaluation by their individual program and the Office of Graduate Programs. If the grade earned is below the minimum required for transferring credit, B or its equivalent, or the course is repetitious, no credit will be assigned.
  • The number of credit hours transferred will be equal to the number of credits actually taken.

Up to 12 credits may be taken outside of the School of Business at GW; up to six (6) of those credits can be fulfilled outside of The George Washington University.  This 12-credit maximum includes approved transfer credit, Consortium coursework, and graduate level courses completed at GW outside of the GWSB.