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CREUA 2013 Annual Report

Certificate in Walkable Urban Real Estate Development & Place Management

Walkable urban real estate development and place management is the future of the industry. Metropolitan Washington has more examples of walkable urbanism than any other region in the country. So it is natural that GW's Center for Real Estate and Urban Analysis offers a certificate in this emerging approach to development as well as the strategy and management of these places. A 16-credit certificate program, it is intended to provide the necessary skills and insights and connections for future career opportunities. As an add-on to the GW business degree, the certificate provides future employers with the confidence that you are equipped to take on the unique challenges of 21st century real estate and place management.


To obtain the certificate, students select one course from each of the six categories below. The course selection will be expanded over time to provide more choice to students.

  1. Real Estate Development - to learn the basics of real estate development from the ground up.
        • FINA 6240: Real Estate Development
  2. Real Estate Finance - to learn how to finance the development and acquisitions of real estate.
        • FINA 6242: Problems in Real Estate Valuation
        • FINA 6241: Financing Real Estate Development
  3. Real Estate Law - to learn the basics of real estate law and to determine why, when and how to engage legal counsel in the walkable urban development process.
        • FINA 6290: Real Estate Law & Development
  4. Sustainable Urban Planning - to learn how to design/plan sustainable, walkable urban places.
        • PSUS 6235: Urban and Regional Economics
        • PSUS 6202: Economics of Sustainable Communities
  5. Walkable Urban Development - A common course for all certificate students to learn how to develop walkable urban projects and develop and implement a strategy for a walkable urban place.
        • FINA 6290: Walkable Urban Development, Strategy and Place Management
  6. Real Estate Capstone - A common capstone course for all real estate certificate students that will be focused on the ULI Hines Graduate Competition in January of each year.
        • Course # TBD Walkable Urban Development and Place Management Capstone Competition -- one credit hour

Contact Professor Christopher B. Leinberger at for more information.