Leading the Revolution

The George Washington University School of Business (GWSB) is poised to lead the revolution in business school education and emerge as one of the top 25 business schools in the next five to seven years.

George Washington conceived of this university as a place where citizen leaders would be trained in the nation’s capital to take on the challenges of economic and political development.

Today, we are framing a business school education that is practically and fundamentally built at the intersection of business, government, and civil society. Our curriculum reflects this vision with a pedagogy built around the interaction between business and society.

The core concepts at the center of GWSB’s vision are:

    • Globalization and Internationalism
    • Social Responsibility and Sustainability
    • Citizenship and Ethics

GWSB has carved out a distinctive niche among business schools.

We are re-imagining the model for a business school education in the 21st century—one that is situated at the intersection of business and society, and that is built to provide strong training in functional areas and around the distinctive core concepts that are of importance to the global economy in the 21st century. We do this in several ways:

By leveraging our central location in the nation’s capital

GWSB has strong relationships with key decision makers at organizations including the U.S. Department of State, the White House, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and the International Finance Corporation. In addition, the Washington, DC metropolitan area has emerged as the national model for the future of the built environment and real estate.

By incorporating a strong international orientation and global reach

GWSB provides students with hands-on experience in locations around the world and insight into emerging markets, notably, our comprehensive business education programs in China. In 2012, the Financial Times ranked GWSB as #9 in international business programs. GWSB’s International Business Department is among the largest in the world and is highly ranked among the top tier in faculty research with a specialization in emerging markets, a key driver of global economic growth.

By integrating the social, environmental, and economic realities of business…

Into management teaching and research. Sustainability at GW is an interdisciplinary endeavor that weaves many academic areas together to create exciting new educational opportunities.

By continuing to be…

At the forefront of the movement toward responsible citizenship and ethics.

GWSB is committed to elevating its reputation as a thought leader, pioneering the future of business education. We are reexamining the role of a school of business and ensuring that we evolve to meet the changing needs of students, business, and society. We believe it’s time for business to re-embed itself in global society to create positive, sustainable change. And we believe there is no business school better positioned to lead this movement than the George Washington University School of Business.

GWSB is already recognized as a leading business school:

  • Ranked #7 by the Financial Times for international business in 2012.
  • Ranked #11 by the Aspen Institute’s Grey Pinstripes for sustainability and ethics in 2013.
  • Ranked among the top 40 for undergraduate business schools by US News in 2013.
  • Ranked #25 in entrepreneurship by the Princeton Review in 2013.
  • Ranked #66 by the Economist among the top 100 global graduate business schools in the world in 2013.
  • Ranked #47 by US News for MBA programs with a #20 ranking for our international business specialization.

Our partners can help us to preserve and strengthen the legacy of the George Washington University School of Business.