Fowler Student Program Coordinators

We are excited to continue our Fowler Student Program Coordinators for 2015-2016, this program is designed to broaden our outreach to students...

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Professional Dress

Do you have questions about what you are supposed to wear to a GWSB event? First impressions matter! Find out more about what professional attire is all about.

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On-campus Recruiting

To participate in OCR, you must have an account in GWorkSB, our online recruiting system. This system manages the OCR program and allows you to find and apply to jobs and schedule interviews...

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Eiffel in Love With Paris

Paris in one word: authentic. Parisians are unapologetically themselves. You will see people at cafes and on the metro at…

A Global Perspective

When you go abroad, it is assumed and expected that you fall out of touch with the daily trends and…

Mind The Gap? Expectations and Life in London

When I decided to study abroad at LSE, I made my decision primary because it was a yearlong program and…

Upcoming Information Sessions

December 02nd

Online MBA • Online Information Session • December 2 8pm

08:00 am - at Online

December 02nd

Global MBA • Online Information Session • December 2nd 9:00 am

09:00 am - at Online

December 04th

QS World Grad School Tour | Pune

02:30 pm - 08:00 pm at The O Hotel • North Main Road • Koregaon Park • Pune 41100 1 India
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