The Power of Your Brand

Download the Power of Your Brand Action Plan

 Assess Your Personal Brand

Take the time to assess what your personal brand looks like right now.

  • Ask three people for three words that define their perception of you. How do these three words compare to the three words you thought others use to define you in the first episode?
  • If these don’t match, write what is missing, how do you bring about what you want to project?


  • Identify different words, qualities or skills you would like to evoke in people’s minds.
  • Identify practices that evoke concepts associated with those labels.
  • Think about what changes in behavior or the way you expose your work can help you start building up to the image that supports your career vision

Use the worksheet in the related links to the right.

Build Your Branding Statement

Start a branding statement thinking about your audience and driving your value (think value proposition) towards your desired job or promotion. Your audience sets the tone for your choice of words, the length of your statement and what you will highlight. It gives you direction.

You also use your work product, value proposition and passion to send a message. The statement is short and will make the listener want to know more about you.

Reputation = Perception

Your brand is what you are promising/projecting to potential employers, colleagues, and potential clients.  Your reputation is how those audiences perceive you.

Connecting Your Branding Statement to Your Online Profiles

When managing your brand you have to first identify where your brand is at stake.  Whenever you create a profile online your brand is at stake.  This can include the social media accounts that everyone thinks of like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn and review sites like Yelp and Trip Advisor.  Anytime you have responded online and it is searchable, your brand is at stake.

Be sure to use the branding statement from episode 3 or the value proposition from session 2 as a starting point for all of the online profiles that you want to be professionally facing.  Check the privacy settings for your accounts to ensure that you know and understand what is visible to all user and what is not!