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GWSB Resume Templates & Resume Templates Format Keys

GWSB Resume Template

GWSB Resume Templates Format Keys

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SpM Sample Resumes

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Web Resources: Career Development and Job Search

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Self Assessment

Career Leader: A self-assessment instrument developed at Harvard Business School. Compares your interests, values, and skills with profiles of successful professionals in a variety of business career options. Email sbcareer@gwu.edu with GWid for username and password to access the CareerLeader site and to register.

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Resume Guide, Tips, Action Verbs & Keywords


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 Cover Letters & Other Correspondence

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GWorkSB, GW Job Postings, Events, & Recruiting

  • GWorkSB is our online job/internship bank and web-based recruiting system.
  • GWorkSB features full-time career positions for students preparing to enter the workplace; students of all class levels may use
  • GWorkSB to apply for regular part-time and full-time jobs, federal work-study and seasonal jobs, as well as career-related internships.


Industry & Company Research

Who’s the leader in your market? Washington Business Journal Book of Lists provides you with listings of hundreds of the hottest area companies in their fields, by ranking. You’ll also receive the names of key decision makers, along with their titles and complete contact information. Back to top


Dress for Success

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Networking & Self Marketing

Join the GWSB LinkedIn Group

  • Want to connect with Alumni? Join the GWSB Linkedin community in order to view and connect with over 10,000+ alumni. Students need to register themselves at LinkedIn first, before clicking on the following link to join the GWSB community here.
  • 25 Ways to Make LinkedIn Work for You Businessweek offers top 25 recommendations for getting past “Well, I’ve got a login” and making LinkedIn really work for you, whether you’re job hunting, hiring, growing your entrepreneurial business, or just seeing and being seen in the online branding arena.
  • 2006-2015 GMBA Full-Time and Intern Contact Sheet for Students This spreadsheet contains names and contact information of the 2006-2015 Global MBAs and where they found internships and employment at graduation. Please note that if contact info is not provided we either do not have it or were not given permission to share it. Additionally, Alumni may have moved on from these positions so checked LinkedIn before contacting Alumni. Full-time employment information for the class of 2014 and internship information for the class of 2015 is preliminary and will be finalized after September 30, 2015. Updated: 1/2/16.
  • Emails4Corporations.com: Stop wasting your time guessing email addresses of your target contacts! Emails4Corporations.com is a FREE web resource which lists hundreds of email address patterns for the largest US based corporations. If you know a contact’s full name, where they work, and their company’s email address pattern, then you can get in touch with them directly. Go to: http://sites.google.com/site/emails4corporations/index

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InterviewStream: Utilize this web-based tool to practice responding to customized interview questions from home for full-time job or internship interviews. InterviewStream Website New users click “Join Here” to get started.

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Offer Negotiations

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Working & Living Overseas

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Exploring Federal Government Careers

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Special Programs

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International Students

CPT: Please see your academic advisor regarding enrolling in CPT

International Organizations

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