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Student Code of Conduct

Information Session Guidelines

Organizations that participate in On‐Campus Recruiting (OCR) or that have a position listed in GWork are eligible* to request information sessions at GW, either in the GW Career Center or the F. David Fowler Career Center. Open, public, “high traffic” areas are not approved locations for Information Sessions.

All Information Sessions must be requested by and affiliated with a registered employer contact in GWork. A contact can register in GWork by providing a valid company name, email address, phone number, website, and mailing address. Contacts are approved on a daily basis.

A company may request one Information Session per semester; the length of each session cannot exceed two hours. Companies may request Information Sessions months in advance and up until two weeks before the proposed date. Last minute requests for Information Sessions (i.e., within two weeks of proposed date) are subject to approval and may not be granted. Information Sessions are reviewed in the order in which they are received.

Information Sessions must be conducted during the On‐Campus Recruiting season (September‐ November and January‐April) during regular Career Center operating hours, Monday through Friday, 9am to 7pm. To maximize attendance, it is suggested that Information Sessions be held during the lunch (11:30am‐1:30pm) or dinner (4:00‐6:00pm) hours. If the organization wishes to provide refreshments for the event, a list of local caterers will be provided. All catering costs and logistics are the responsibility of the organization hosting the event.

Information Sessions will be advertised in GWork, listed within the organization’s GWork (OCR or non‐OCR) position description, and announced in a weekly e‐newsletter.
Respective career centers will host employer information sessions at their discretion and reserve the right to cancel them at any time.

* Organizations that would like to host an Information Session, but DO NOT meet eligibility criteria may contact to discuss different strategies to brand themselves and disseminate information on campus.