It’s the final (exam) countdown!

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Well, how did that happen? How is it that I am already studying for finals and packing my bags? It has been almost three months since I arrived in the largest city in North America, and my days are officially numbered. I have to keep from breathing into a paper bag and beg the Gods to slow down time and instead enjoy every minute I have left.

This past week we had our last classes of the quarter and I (albeit a little emotionally) gave my final presentation of my MBA career. Since IPADE is on the quarter system as opposed to the semester system like GW, the students still have another quarter before graduation. This also means a number of the international students do too. Of the 21 international students, four have already left Mexico to head back to their home universities for their of final quarter. Luckily for me (and thanks to excessive planning and overloading on courses in previous semesters), I will leave here and head back to GWSB to graduate.

Out with the GWSB crew visiting Mexico City!

Though I am starting to pack my bags, I am also looking to see what is left to scratch off my “Mexico bucket list” before heading home. Thankfully, during GWSB spring break last month, I was able to once again see my favorite sites in Mexico City with my dear friends. We listened to live Mariachi music on the roof of Tequila & Mezcal Museum overlooking Mariachi Square, celebrated Jake Hilton’s birthday with dinner on the 41st floor of the Latin American Tower, and my favorite, spending the day on the river in a traditional Mayan boat in Xochimilco laughing, smiling, dancing, and enjoying a few cocktails in the sun. It was so good to see part of my GWSB family catch up in a relaxed setting. It made me excited to return home to see them all!

Sun bathing in Xolchimilco

Within a few days of my GWSB family leaving it was time to celebrate my 30th birthday here in Mexico! Even though I have only been here for a few months, my IPADE classmates made me feel like family. My team surprised me with a cake with a massive sparkler and for the whole day classmates came up to welcome me “to the third floor”. It was fantastic and made me feel so loved! After classes 20 of us celebrated by going to the Mexico vs. Costa Rica World Cup qualifier match. The game was held at one of the largest stadiums in the world (over 90,000 seats!) and my first match here in Mexico. The stadium was packed and was such an amazing experience! From doing the wave, cheering on the Mexican team, and screaming each time a goal was made; the energy was electric! In the end Mexico won 2-0 and moved on to the next round. Post game we went on to downtown and continued the celebration till almost 5:00am, which is early for Mexico!

In the stands at the Mexico vs Costa Rica Wold Cup Qualifier!

In addition to going out during the weekend, on Sunday a group of us went to a show at the famed Palace of the Bellas Artes. The theatre, which is also my favorite building here, is the premiere stage in Mexico (similar to the Kennedy Center in Washington) and hosts a Mexican folklore show each week. The show was simply breathtaking as the cast of over 80 dancers weaved a story of Mexican life with brightly colored traditional outfits, instruments, all choreographed to perfection. Coupled with the beautiful architecture, it was remarkable. After the show left, it took us over half an hour to leave as we explored more of the theatre taking in the architectural masterpiece it is.

With only 20 days left in Mexico, my friends and I are making sure we leave no stone unturned before departing! This weekend we head to Puerto Escondido to spend some time on the beach and hanging out one last time before everyone departs. After we return, I will be heading to the north of the country by myself to see the city of Guadalajara and take part in tequila tasting on the tequila trail. There is so much left to see in this country and so little time! I have 20 days to see all I can.

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