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Previous Workshops

Fall 2012

September 7: Brian Cadman (Utah)
Who sets price in the labor market: The case of dynamic CEOs

September 14: Katherine Gunny (SMU)
Can Inside Directors be Effective Monitors? - Evidence from Real Activities Manipulation

September 28: April Klein (NYU)
Direct and Indirect Costs of Regulation: Evidence from the 1999 NYSE and NASDAQ Exchange Rule Change

October 12: Amy Sun (PSU)
Economic Consequences of Voluntary Disclosure Before Seasoned Equity Offerings: The Impact of the 2005 Securities Offering Reform

October 19: Mei Feng (Katz Graduate School, University of Pittsburgh)
How do Earnings Manipulators Guide Investors?*

November 2: Qi Chen (Duke)

Spring 2012

February 3: Min Shen (GMU)
The Effects of Regulation FD on Informal and Institutionalized Leakages of Information in Earnings Press Releases

February 7: Qiang Cheng (SMU)
Severance pay, employment agreement, and managerial short-termism

February 24: Suraj Srinivasan (Harvard)

March 9: Mary Billings (NYU)
Seminar on Friday March 9

March 16: Xue Wang (Emory)

March 30: Bjorn Jorgensen (CU)
Firm Exit Through Bankruptcy - The Effect of Accounting Bias on Product Market Competition

April 20: Richard Frankel (WU)

Note: The workshops will be held from 2:10 to 3:40pm in Duques 359.

Fall 2011

Oct 07: Jennifer Blouin (Wharton)
Does Tax Aggressiveness Reduce Financial Reporting Transparency?

Oct 14: Long Chen (GMU)
Stock Repurchase and Debt Contracting

Oct 28: Joe Weber (MIT)
Analysis of Causes and Consequences of Transition Errors During the Adoption of IFRS

Nov 04: Naomi Soderstrom (Colorado)
Financial Analysis Used in Clean Development Mechanisms: Fact or Fiction?

Nov 18: Brian Mittendorf (OSU) Disclosure Policy with Strategic Participants in Supply and Retail Markets

Spring 2011

Jan. 14: Yinghua Li (Purdue)
The Effect of Hedge Fund Activism on Corporate Tax Avoidance*

Jan 21: Steve Huddart (Penn State)
The Efficiency of Stock-Based Incentives: Experimental Evidence

Feb 04: Korok Ray (Georgetown)
Sorting Effects of Performance Pay

Mar 04: Phil Stocken (Dartmouth)
Managerial Reporting, Overconfidence, and Litigation Risk*

Mar 18: Raffi Indjejikian (Michigan)
Rational Information Leakage

Apr 01: Joanna Wu (Rochester)
Window Dressing of Financial Leverage

Apr 15: Andy Leone (Miami)
Accounting Restatements and Auditor Accountability

Apr 29: Joint Workshop at GMU
Audit Committee Financial Expertise and Restatements: The Moderating Effect of CEO Power

Fall 2010

Oct 29: Yanfeng Xue (GWU)
CEO equity incentives, firm performance, and corporate governance (doc)

Nov 05: Volkan Muslu (UT Dallas)
What do CEOs Realize from Option Pay? (pdf)

Nov 19: Nicole Johnson (UC Berkeley)
Dual Transfer Prices with Unobserved Cost (pdf)

Dec 03: Mina Pizzini (SMU)
The Impact of Internal Audit Function Quality and Contribution on Audit Delays (doc)