School of Business

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Achievements & Awards

Academic Year 2011 - 2012

Master of Accountancy Academic Excellence Awards

The Master of Accountancy Award is presented to the students who achieve a 4.0 GPA throughout the duration of the program in recognition of exceptional academic performance.
The students are Di Shen and Daniel Jones.

Master of Accountancy Academic LEADERSHIP Award

As President and a founder of the MASA student organization, Matt Casey initiated a number of successful events that benefited fellow classmates both in their job search and their path toward professional designations. He encouraged students to get involved and was happy to provide support should they need it. Matt always has the best interests of the departments' in mind, and hhis support has helped us to make improvements benefiting all our constituents.

Master of Accountancy Service Award

Tanya Samandar did an outstanding job working for the program and helping professors in the preparation of class materials and other tasks. She was ready to step in each time she was needed to provide back up support especially any time emergencies came up. Tanya, deserves the award not only for her level of performance but also for her cooperative and smiling attitude when responding to the most difficult requests.

Joseph Brigandi was very instrumental in bringing more students and recruiters to the MASA events which resulted in a good number of students hired by the various organizations. He diligently followed through on the membership drives increasing the number of the members for the organization.