International Institute of Tourism Studies

The International Institute of Tourism Studies (IITS) at The George Washington University is a world-class research and education center that has been a thought leader in sustainable tourism development and education for over 25 years.


To be recognized worldwide for creating and diffusing knowledge that fosters innovation in sustainable tourism development, and engenders a deeper understanding of tourism as a key pillar of the world economy.


To provide cutting-edge, interdisciplinary research and professional education solutions that support sustainable tourism development.
Our solutions assist tourism professionals and destination decision-makers from industry and government to bridge the gap between theory and practice in order to:

  • Improve long-term competitiveness of tourism businesses and destinations;
  • Enhance well-being of communities as healthy places to visit, live, and invest;
  • Preserve and conserve cultural, historical and natural heritage; and
  • Expand opportunities through freedom of travel and international understanding.