Strategic Directions

Academic Vision

To be a preeminent business school recognized for scholarly research, teaching excellence, and innovative curricula, focused on the responsible management of organizations in the global environment.

Academic Mission

To deliver an outstanding education, advance knowledge, and provide practical experience in diverse organizational settings, leveraging the unique advantages of our location in the Washington, D.C., area, in order to enhance the capacities of students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the business community to be productive and principled members of society.


  • Integrity – demanding transparency, accountability, and ethical behavior
  • Leadership – encouraging problem solving, commitment, and entrepreneurship
  • Scholarship – emphasizing discovery, learning, and innovation
  • Service – responding to the needs of students, academic professions, and the community
  • Relationships – fostering communication, collaboration, and collegiality

Strategic Goals

Academic Programs and Services

The School of Business’ Strategic Goals are a product of the Strategic Directions Initiative. They are focused on three general areas that translate the School’s Mission into specific strategies, programs, and initiatives.

  1. Provide outstanding educational opportunities for undergraduate and master’s students in degree programs built on strong conceptual foundations, responsive to their needs, and delivered in an innovative and flexible manner.
  2. Offer a high-quality doctoral program led by faculty who are research active and committed to teaching excellence.
  3. Enhance teaching excellence in both delivery and content, as defined by academic rigor, student satisfaction, and peer benchmarking.
  4. Provide students with quality services in academic advising, administrative services, co-curricular activities, experiential learning opportunities, and career planning/placement.

Intellectual and Community Contributions

  1. Engage in scholarly research that contributes to the creation of knowledge for a) academics focused on building theory and b) practitioners interested in improving the management and performance of organizations.
  2. Cultivate strong partnerships and strategic alliances with alumni and external stakeholders.
  3. Enhance the School’s reputation and prestige among external stakeholders through recognition, accreditation, and rankings.

Management and Organization

  1. Invest in selected strategic areas with the potential to become School and University “signature programs” through their contribution to academic excellence, intellectual distinction, competitive advantage, and prestige.
  2. Create and sustain a strong financial base of tuition, contributions and endowments, sponsored research, and continuing education revenue, and develop an effective system for internal resource allocation.
  3. Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the School’s administrative processes, information and technology systems, and organizational structure in relationship to our new building complex and programmatic requirements.