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Careers in International Business:

Career Journal
" is the Internet's premier career site for executives, managers and professionals. The site's job database offers more than 100,000 available positions, including job listings in the CareerJournal National Network, a database containing opportunities from across the U.S. CareerJournal's resume database offers the most confidential access on the Web, and provides candidates with flexibility and security in posting their credentials online. Additionally, CareerJournal's unlimited JobSeek Agents will alert candidates whenever a job is added that matches their criteria. CareerJournal's articles and tools reflect the exceptional editorial resources of The Wall Street Journal,, the CareerJournal editorial team, an array of respected columnists and other key resources. Through daily updates and thousands of archived articles, you can explore hiring demand and salary data for a vast array of industries and job functions, and access a wealth of information on all aspects of job hunting and career management. Editorial features include more than a dozen noted columnists; a wide range of features to help with resume writing, interviewing, networking and negotiating a new job offer, as well as in-depth guidance on improving your current career." (The Career Exposure Network)
The Career Exposure Network is a privately held e-recruiting network of premier niche sites that has been helping Fortune 1000 employers find top quality Women, Diversity and MBA candidates since 1996. Sites include: (i) - the National leader in Women's online Recruiting; (ii) - one of the leading job portals in the diversity space; (iii) - serves the exclusive and highly sought-after MBA recruiting marketplace; and (iv) - serves as the general portal of the career network offering opportunities for college grads to the top c-levels executives. The Career Exposure NetworkTMmarkets its niche services directly to businesses committed to building a diverse work environment that embraces the unique skills and perspectives our niche candidates offer.

Association of MBAs
The Association of MBAs is the international impartial authority on postgraduate business education.

International Jobs Center
The International Jobs Center and International Career Employment Weekly are managed by the Carlyle Corporation, a not-for-profit corporation whose only business is to identify and describe international career positions with employers in all sectors of the job market, around the world.

Stacy Berdan - International Careers Expert
Stacie Berdan is a marketing and communications consultant, an expert on international careers, an award-winning author and sought after speaker. Using her unique position working on campuses and in corporations around the world, she helps clients develop performance-based organizational modes to succeed in the changing global marketplace. Focusing on the elements of diversity-driven strategies, she helps employers and professional effectively deal with cross-cultural environments, the benefits of feminine leadership and the changing role of managers within the context of an increasingly global and virtual workplace. The website offers information, strategic advice and practical tips on what's involved in going global.

United Nations Careers
The Organization provides real and valuable opportunities through a competency model based on a diverse range of programmes that include a wide selection of career planning and development workshops.

Women in International Trade (WIIT)
"The Association of Women in International Trade (WIIT) is the premier non-partisan professional organization in Washington, D.C. for individuals, particularly women, who share a strong interest and expertise in the field of international trade. In addition to its first-rate substantive programs, WIIT is recognized for its range of professional development supports. It is the only trade organization in the Washington, DC area that keeps you ahead on trade news, while also expanding your professional skills and opportunities." Through WIIT's professional development page one can access a great variety of "job hunting" resources, organized within the following categories: Federal Government, International Job Opportunities, Women's Career Opportunities, General Job Opportunities, and Career Planning Sites.

WetFeet's Guide to Marketing Careers
WebFeet is an online career website that helps job seekers search for jobs, write better resumes and prepare for interviews. Through their extensive library and multiple insider guides, provides opportunities for professionals to excel in their careers. Listed job postings cover a wide range of fields, including, but not limited to, Consulting, Investment, Real Estate, Accounting, Advertisement, Energy, Insurance, Journalism, Law, Manufacturing, and Telecommunications.