Focal Area: Property Rights and Global Innovation

Innovation is at the heart of U.S. economic growth and contributes powerfully to the competitiveness of individual firms. National institutions concerning innovation and property rights affect U.S. firms' access to resources such as knowledge and human capital. They also help multinational corporations determine the best strategy to use in order to leverage their host countries' resources and sidestep obstacles due to institutional weaknesses.

The understanding of how IP protection motivates investments in new innovation, and how it encourages or inhibits the diffusion of new designs is at the center of this focal area. GW-CIBER continues to ensure that academic research is made accessible to a broad range of stake-holders on issues that include:

  • How do cross national differences in property right institutions affect firms' strategies, organizational structures, and performance?

  • How can firms navigate the complexity that results from conflicting property rights policies and enforcement at bilateral and multilateral levels?

  • What is the effect of national technology policies on firms' innovation strategies?

  • What are the appropriate organizational structures and innovation strategies that multinational corporations can use to safeguard their intellectual property in globally-dispersed R&D operations?