Focal Area: Firm-State-Society Relations

As relationships among firms, state agencies, and societal actors are transforming, the lines that once separated them are now blurred. Controversy surrounds the appropriate level of state regulation, intervention, ownership, and strength of certain capitalist institutions. The changing international landscape presents challenges for multinational enterprises (MNEs), which must configure effective strategies that meet the expectations of home and host countries.

Some key questions that need studying within this focal area are:

  • How can MNEs effectively navigate the new terrain built by political and societal constituencies in their home and host countries?

  • How can firms and NGOs work with state actors to contribute to economic development and stability of developing countries, making them stronger trading partners and reducing security threats for Americans

  • What is the impact of MNE investment on host country development?

  • What strategies can MNEs use in the face of conflicting pressures from state and societal actors across their various host countries?

GW-CIBER brings together key participants from business, policy, and academic communities to offer workshops, presentations, and dialogues on such crucial issues, and to translate this research into curriculum and teaching innovations.