IB Internship Funding

GW-CIBER is pleased to invite all GWSB undergraduate and graduate students who have, or are seeking to have, an unpaid summer internship to apply for a stipend* of up to $1,500.


    - The internship must be unpaid
    - Students must work a minimum of 75 hours to be eligible for this stipend. The final amount of the stipend depends on the number of hours worked (see approximate allocations in the chart below). The weekly hour allocation does not matter. Students are eligible to work more than 110 hours, but the stipend is capped at $1,500

# Hours Worked Stipend Amount
75 hours $1,000
95 hours $1,250
110 hours $1,500

To apply, please submit:

    - A short letter from the internship supervisor confirming the appointment and total number of expected hours. (A follow-up letter from the supervisor will also be required at the end of the internship confirming total number of actual hours worked)
    - A current resume/CV

Please submit the above documents via email with the subject line "IB Internship Application - (Last Name)" to ciber@gwu.edu by October 21, 2013

Note that GW-CIBER is planning to offer another round of internship funding in Spring 2014 for students who are going to complete a Spring semester internship.
For academic-year-long internships, a funding application can be submitted either in this round or in the Spring round, but not both.

*The stipend payments will be done on an hourly-wage base. Therefore, international students should first consult with the International Services Office (ISO) to determine if they are permitted to work and/or be paid wages. ISO is located on 2033 K Street, NW, Suite 310, phone: 202-994-4477, email: iso@gwu.edu.