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2010 Past Events and Initiatives

Global Business Project Information Sessions

Dec 07, 2010

The GW Center for International Business Education & Research (GW-CIBER) and the GWSB Graduate Studies Office are pleased to offer a graduate-level Spring 2011 course called Global Business Project (GBP). GBP is a three-credit course sponsored by a consortium of 14 CIBERs at leading business schools, which are all joined by the objectives of promoting cross-cultural business competence and bolstering international business in markets that corporations and NGO's are currently facing. Each team works cirtually for seven weeks in the United States prior to an intensive two week consulting project abroad. The prospective destination contries for GBP 2011 are Brazil, China, Japan, Thailand, and Vietman. Please note that Global Business Project course may be taken in place of the required International Residency class for first year GMBA students. If you are not able to attend one of the information sessions but have questions about the program, please contact Nevena Yakova (202-994-1885) or send an email to

International Marketing Careers: Established Paths and Unconventional Access Points

Nov 15, 2010

What are some of the entry paths to exciting careers in International Marketing? This panel of GWSB alumni will offer insight into the traditional ways to build international marketing careers, but also provide come ideas about creative approaches to landing jobs abroad soon after graduation. We will conclude with Q & A and there will be an opportunity to network with the panelists following the presentation. For more information click here. To RSVP, email GW-CIBER at

"The Opportunities of Trade and the Challenges of Corruption: Working with Emerging Economies"

November 18, 2010

Co-sponsored with the GW International Business Society

This conference highlighted the potential business opportunities presented by future free trade agreements, as well as how to face corruption as a business challenge. Panelists included several prominent international business professionals from a wide range of industries within the private and public sectors. The panel discussions were followed by networking lunch and discussion. More information about the event is available here.

Women in Business Forum

November 18th, 2010

The "Women Changing the Globe" forum and panel discussion highlighted the leadership role that women play in our global society, the gender equity challenges they face, and the opportunities they have to change the world around them. The event, co-hosted by The George Washington University School of Business, featured a group of accomplished women who have made tremendous strides to impact the corporate, social and government world both domestically and internationally.

"International Marketing Careers: Established Paths and Unconventional Access Points"

November 15, 2010

This panel of GWSB alumni offered insight into the traditional ways to build international marketing careers, in addition to providing some ideas about creative approaches to landing jobs abroad soon after graduation. The event concluded with Q&A, and opportunities to network with the panelists.

"Strategies & Business Communication in International Development"

November 16, 2010

Focused on leveraging international experience in the job market, this career development event explored strategies for marketing to international organizations, developing business communication skills to impress employers, and drafting culturally appropriate resumes, as well as business culture mistakes to avoid.

Finance Seminar Series: "What is Different about Government - Controlled Acquires in Cross-Border Acquisitions"

October 29, 2010

G. Andrew Karolyi from Cornell University discussed his work on the motives for and the consequences of cross-border acquisition activities led by government-controlled acquirers.

Book Launch: "Business and Public Policy: Responses to Environmental and Social Protection Processes", by Jorge Rivera, Associate Professor of Strategic Management and Public Policy

October 28, 2010

Associate Professor of Strategic Management Jorge Rivera presented his book, "Business and Public Policy: Response to Environmental and Social Protection Processes," in which he explored a new theoretical framework for understanding the relationship between protective public policies and business compliance. This framework explains different levels of business compliance in terms of three distinct factors: the link between the stages of protective public policies and different levels of business resistance, the effect of country context, and the effect of firm-level characteristics. The second part of the book supports and elaborates on this framework by presenting empirical studies that examine two voluntary environmental programs: the US ski industry's Sustainable Slopes Program and the Certification for Sustainable Tourism in Costa Rica. The book was written with partial support from GW-CIBER. For a preview of content and pages, please click here.

"Innovations in Business Language Teaching"

October 23, 2010

This seminar showcased some of the business language materials developed by the business language faculty at the George Washington University. The event included an interactive "swap-shop" in which participants got to share their own ideas and materials. Participants also learned about new opportunities for support and training for business language teachers.

"Career Options at International Organizations"

October 13, 2010

Co-sponsored with the GW School of Business Career Center

This career development event highlighted different sectors and options for international careers and key strategies to launch an effective global job search. International career specialists presented uncommon strategies for gaining experience and advice regarding how to make important contacts and leverage your network.

"G2 @ GW -Third Annual Conference on China's Economic Development and U.S.-China Economic Relations"

October 8, 2010

The conference featured discussions and speakers relating to China's evolving business economy and the impact China will have on the future global economy. Speakers included Professor Lu Ming from Fudan University and Feng Tain from The Academy for Social Sciences, along with many of GW's own professors and numerous other experts in the field. More information about this event is available here.

International Business Seminar: "The Impact of Foreign Political Connections", with Elvora Sojli, Erasmus University

October 1, 2010

Elvora Solji, Assistant Professor of Finance at the Rotterdam School of Management at Erasmus University presented her paper, "The Impact of Foreign Political Connections," in which she discussed how foreign and politically connected large investors improve target firm value through the provision of foreign market access and government-related contracts. A full PDF of the paper can be found here.

Professor's Circle: "Creating a Competitive Advantage during an Economic Crisis: How Firms Can Use Innovation and Technology Alliances to Get Ahead in the Global Economy", with Dr. Anu Phene

September 30, 2010

Co-sponsored with the GWSB Professor's Circle

The Professor's Circle at GW School of Business brings together GWSB's most notable professors with a select group of alumni, parents and friends in the cities around the country for a thoughtful discussion of current events and shared experiences. It is a unique opportunity for professors to meet with industry leaders to solicit feedback on current research, and for alumni to reconnect with favorite former teachers and each other to continue their GW SB education. This is an event celebrated the legacy of the late Professor Emeritus Phillip D. Grub in the company of his former students and friends. The Phillip D. Grub Faculty Professorial Fellowship was founded in his honor and supports faculty research to expand the knowledge of the global business environment.

International Business Seminar: "Firm Level Examination of Securities Regulation around the World", with April Knill, Florida State University

September 10, 2010

Assistant Professor of Finance at Florida State University April Knill discussed her paper, "Help or Hindrance: A Firm-level Examination of Securities Regulation around the World." Using a unique sample composed of over 37,000 firms across 46 countries, Professor Knill and her research partner examined the influence that public and private securities laws have on firm access to external finance, as defined by the ability of these firms to issue capital. They found that securities laws produce disparate effects on securities issuance, depending on firm size and market development. In particular, the role of public enforcement is more complex and influential than previously thought, raising the possibility that aggregate macroeconomic indicators of stock market size belie the impact of public regulation on access to equity, especially for small firms.

"Corporate Responsibility in a Global Economy: Industries, Issues and Nation-States"

September 9-10, 2010

This conference marked the fifth in a series of workshops on how businesses define, defend, embed and integrate their responsibilities to co-create value. The event focused on how corporations' responsibilities are in part embedded within industries which are, in turn, embedded within nation-states. It examined corporate responsibility through the lens of issues, industries, and nation-states. Interweaving issues, interests, competitive dynamics and regulatory guidelines, panelists discussed corporate impacts and how corporations co-create value. GW-CIBER corporate responsibility workshops have previously explored pressures from institutions, issues, and interests across various stakeholder sets: corporations, government, academic, multi-lateral and NGOs. This conference sought a more holistic approach to CR by simultaneously incorporating conversations across industries and across cultures while considering a wide range of issues to robustly examine corporate responsibility.

Panel: "Explaining Diaspora Politics"

September 2, 2010

This seminar included presentation and discussion of selected papers:
- "Long Distance Conflicts: Diaspora Politics and International Security," Fiona Adamson, School of Oriental and Africa Studies, University of London;
- "Why do Diasporas Pursue Sovereignty-based Claims through Transgressive or Contained Contention?," Maria Koinova, University of Amsterdam;
- "The Diasporan as Political Entrepreneur," Jennifer Brinkerhoff, George Washington University.

"Teaching Business Korean in the 21st Century": A Professional Development Seminar for Korean Instructors

May 7th, 2010

This one-day seminar provided ideas, materials, and motivation for teaching Business Korean to today's students. As a Korean Immersion event, the entire seminar was conducted exclusively in Korean. Participants experienced an in-depth introduction to teaching Business Korean, a demonstration of new teaching tools and materials, and presentation by top Korean business and government leaders.

World Russian Forum 2010: "U.S.-Russia Relations: From Past Joint Victories to Future Accomplishments"

April 25-27, 2010

The 2010 World Russia Forum continued in the tradition of uniting the best minds from both the United States and the Russian Federation to discuss the most innovative ideas for U.S. - Russia rapprochement and mutually beneficial cooperation. Participants and panelists included prominent political and business leaders from a wide range of disciplines. More information about the event is available here.

"Meet the World Bank Group"

April 14, 2010

Co-sponsored with the F. David Fowler Career Center

GW-CIBER welcomed a panel of experts from the World Bank to share information on the community and environment at their respective institutions. Participants learned about internship opportunities and the hiring process.

"The Path to Financial Regulation: Go Local or Go Global?" - A Lunch Discussion with Members of the German Parliament

April 13, 2010

This discussion focused on financial regulation within Germany's economic framework. Panelists included several members of the German Bundestag, including former General Secretary Hubertus Heil, Vice Chairman of the SPD Parliamentary Group Joachim Poss, and Representative to the U.S. and Canada for the Friedrich Ebert Foundation Pia Bungarten. The event was moderated by GW-CIBER's Business Language Coordinator Margaret Gonglewski.